Members' Page

Gathered here, for reference, are various matters of interest to current members. If, as a BAP member, you can't find the information you need, please contact someone from the management team.

Studio calendar

Courses and other events mean the studio is sometimes unavailable for members' use. This is routinely the case on Wednesday morning when the regular presence of the bookbinders' group makes the studio unavailable for printmaking. You can view course dates, and more, on our calendar.
N.B. This calendar can be integrated with your own electronic calendar. If interested, please contact the secretary (see 'Contact us') for the calendar's address.


Information about BAP is available on our website (this one) and on Instagram (@bathartistprintmakers).

Financial procedures

• Membership fees are £45 per month paid by standing order to our account with Metro Bank. They cover the use of the studio and the materials and services provided as below.

Window display: Each month our window is used to showcase work by one or more of our members. A rota is established near the end of each year for the year coming. The costs is £5 for the month. Put the fee in the 'Administration' container and complete the enclosed form. Please leave a list of work in the window with prices on the back, or clearly marked 'not for sale', and contact details. Prices should not be displayed to the passing public.

Work for sale: Label all work for sale, including cards, with name and price.

• Any prints sold by artists as a result of contact established through the studio are charged at a 10% commission rate.  Please leave money in the 'Print and Card' sales container and enter details in the orange book. No commission is charged on cards.

• The card and print sales tin on the counter is purely for that. Please note name and item. 

Workshops: There is a 15% commission fee on any workshops or courses. Please leave in 'Administration' container and complete the form.

• Members receive a 10% discount if attending a workshop.

Exhibitions: When arranged, these will be charged accordingly and separately. Any commissions will be stated in the specific information and submission forms.

Gift vouchers: These are available to the value of £10, £20 and £50. They are stored in a box in the top drawer of the filing cabinet with an instruction sheet to give the customer and a list of vouchers to be completed by the seller. (N.B. Members are not obliged to administer sales if they are unsure of the process.)

Receiving sales monies: Tick the appropriate column if you have taken your money and note whether 10% has been deducted for commission on print sales and left in the tin.

Workshop procedures

Sign in on arrival in diary by entrance. Use coat hooks at base of stairs when workshop is busy. Select your workspace. You cannot guarantee to have the same space each time; it’s a case of first come first served.


• Paper can be bought from the plan chest. Please enter the details in the 'Materials' folder and leave money in appropriate container in the top drawer of the grey filing cabinet. Members are expected to pay for the cost of any materials at the time of using.

• Black etching ink is provided by the studio. Coloured and white inks can be purchased from a variety of suppliers (see list below). Occasionally, other inks are available for members' use.  These are often donated and will not be replaced by the studio. Please consider other members and use with care.   

• Please use etching ink with care and scrape the surface flat rather than dig in. An uneven and uncovered surface will skin and be unusable for other members.

• Scrim can be bought by the metre; again, please leave money in the 'Materials' container.

• Turps, meths, Brasso, matches, dustbin liners, loo roll, butane gas are all provided.

• Please donate any rags as these are always needed. Please cut them up before adding to the bin. No fleece or fluffy fabrics thank you.

• Instant coffee and tea are provided for members. We occasionally have biscuits either donated or left over from an event but we do not provide them as standard. (A member of the management team will ensure the stock is kept up to date)

Acids and Aquatint

• Ferric and acid for etching are provided by the studio. These are kept in the acid cupboard and maintained for you.

• Keep the ferric covered and in a tray at all times to save waste.

• We take great care to protect users by providing heavy gloves but please provide your own mask.

• Please use the gloves and mask when using acid.

• Switch on the extractor fan (by the red padded door).

• Aquatint cupboard – switch on the extractor fan, near the red padded door, put on mask, close door for the protection of others as well as yourself. Aquatint resin is highly combustible.

• Please switch off fan after use.

• Mesh table and butane gas are provided for melting the resin.


• The Rochat press is only to be used for copper or zinc plate etchings, and only to be used when experienced or under supervision.

• If you change the pressure always return it to the original position following written instructions carefully.

• Use Bewick and Wilson press for collographs, monoprints or for printing any other form of plate.

• Ensure press beds are left clean.

• Always use paper fingers to handle the blankets on both presses. If you should make a mark on them, cover any wet ink with whiting and leave a note in the diary – never use turps.

• If there is any problem or accidental damage please inform a member of the management team so it can be dealt with immediately.

Pressing Boards

• These are upstairs. Leave a slip with your name on to identify your work.

• If your work is there for over a week and people need the space, they will put your work carefully in the folder behind the browsers.

Cleaning and Rubbish

• Rubbish day is Thursday so please leave the bags out on Wednesday and bring in on Thursday. Please empty the used rag tin (under the sink) into a separate black bag and add to the rubbish bin. The black bin bags are then put into the black rubbish sack.

• The recycling and rubbish need to be placed close to the wall on the corner of the lane.

• Cleaning is done by everyone as we have no cleaner. The floor needs to be swept and the sink left clean after each session. Please ensure the loo is left clean.

• Please ensure you leave your workspace clean and tidy. Clean worktop thoroughly including edges. 

• If talc is spilt on the floor please clean up as it is extremely slippery.

Please remember the studio is a co-operative. These procedures are the responsibility of all members. We welcome volunteers, and there are always tasks that need attention.

Members' meetings

Meetings are arranged once a quarter. These are useful times to catch up with other members and contribute to the running of the studio. We vary times to make it more convenient for members to attend at least one or two a year. As a member of the co-operative your ideas and points of discussion are invaluable, and these are best shared in person.